How to Friday Fresh: Your Thanksgiving Turkey Guide

Your Thanksgiving Turkey Guide

Thanksgiving is less than a week away! We know - Thanksgiving can be a mess - too many relatives, too many dishes to cook, and too many things to do. At least no one can complain there's too much food to eat. This week, we'll show you how you can make your life easier with some innovative ideas.

Hack your Thanksgiving

Looking for an ultimate guide to Thanksgiving? We've got you covered right here. In this video, CHOW editor Roxanne Webber and author of Cooking for Geeks, Jeff Potter, discuss all the various ways you can make your Thanksgiving holiday run smoother with simple hacks for everything from cooking your turkey evenly to transforming a Tofurkey into something that looks edible.

Save time by cutting your turkey into parts

Each year, the complaint is the same. The turkey's too dry. This is because different parts of the turkey are finished cooking at different temperatures. How to resolve this issue? Simple - just carve your turkey and roast it in parts. This video will show you how to save both time and stress by disassembling your turkey. And everyone will get nice, juicy pieces of turkey.

Deep fry your turkey

Who says that oven-roasted is the only way to cook turkey? If you're a fan of turkey skin, you should deep fry your turkey for great, crispy, crackly skin. Not to mention you're responsible for watching over a pot of boiling hot oil. Stay safe, and make sure it doesn't splatter. This turkey recipe will leave everyone begging for more.

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