How To: Make this Thanksgiving dinner one to remember with TURDUCKEN

Make this Thanksgiving dinner one to remember with TURDUCKEN

Start planning your Thanksgiving feast before it's too late! And if you're looking for something besides the usual turkey fare, but can't stand the idea of a turkey-less Thanksgiving, then we've got the perfect solution for you…


This is NOT your standard turkey dinner. Think Frankenstein— it's a beastly meal that takes the meat from different bird species and combines them into the perfect (and INSANE) Thanksgiving feast. You can probably guess the main ingredients to this "turducken" monstrosity, but just in case you can't—

It's a boned turkey stuffed with a boned duck that's stuffed with a cornish hen (or sometimes chicken). Here's the breakdown…

TURkey + DUCK + cornish hEN (or chickEN)



For this exact turkducky recipe, you'll need:

* Large turkey
* Duck
* Cornish hen
* Cornbread stuffing
* Sausage
* Red bell pepper
* Celery
* Onion
* Carrot
* Butter
* Chicken stock
* Chicken fat
* Spices (sage, pepper, salt, orange zest, paprika

Make this Thanksgiving dinner a meal to remember!

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this is AWESOME! this guy needs his own cooking show for REAL!

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