How To: Make No-Bake Cookie Gobbler (i.e. Turkey) Snacks for Thanksgiving

Make No-Bake Cookie Gobbler (i.e. Turkey) Snacks for Thanksgiving

Turkey cookies— what dessert would be better for Thanksgiving? And no, this isn't another ingenious idea on how to use turkey meat for leftovers, but it is an ingenious way to make cookies—cookie turkeys—which can easily be "gobbled" up by the whole family during your Thanksgiving celebration.

The best thing about this cool cookie creation is that there's NO baking! All you need are some store-bought cookies, chocolate icing, and red and yellow-colored icing.

These no-bake cookies are beneficial in more ways than just looks! It's a great holiday activity for your children. Kids always enjoy decorating cookies (although they probably like eating them more). Plus, since they're no-bake, it frees up tons of time for the real hassle—Thanksgiving dinner and the dreaded turkey main course.

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