How To: Make tipsy turkey (beer brined turkey) for Thanksgiving

Make tipsy turkey (beer brined turkey) for Thanksgiving

Let's face it, people: Many of us power through the holidays with the aid of an extra glass of wine or beer here and there. Whether it's your perverted uncle or your overbearing grandmother that you have to put up with, a little buzz makes everything more jolly.

But rather than get drunk in front of your folks, check out this video to learn how to make a beer brined turkey.

Executive Chef Sean Paxton (a.k.a. the Homebrew Chef) was kind enough to publish one of the first ever recipes to This video shows Julia Herz, with the Brewers Association, testing out the recipe on Christmas Day. However, making a craft beer brined turkey should not be reserved just for the holidays. This is a recipe you should make anytime you want to cook the best turkey on the planet!

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