How To: Make a Frangipane fruit tart dessert for Thanksgiving

Make a Frangipane fruit tart dessert for Thanksgiving

Cooks and pastry chefs like to use a lot of jargon in the naming of their cooking ingredients and finished foodstuffs to make their work sound fancier. Tuna tartare, for example, is really nothing more than finely choppsed tuna flavored with seasonings and sauces.

And in the recipe presented in this video, a Frangipane fruit tart means a fruit tart complimented with Frangipane, an almond paste used in many pastries and pies as a filling. Watch this food video to learn how to mix up a light dessert tart perfect for serving after a large, heavy Thanksgiving meal. Almond paste makes the filling healthy and delicious, while raspberries and blueberries give the tarte a pretty topping.

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