How To: Play the "Thanksgiving Song" by Adam Sandler on the Acoustic Guitar

Play the "Thanksgiving Song" by Adam Sandler on the Acoustic Guitar

Comedian and actor Adam Sandler may be famous for his irreverant Jewish holiday hymn "The Chanukah Song," but he's also written several other holiday tunes that are of festive interest.

If you want to get your Thanksgiving dinner guests or kids into the holiday spirit, take a gander at this video to learn how to strum Adam Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song" on the acoustic guitar.

You can check out the original performance from Adam Sandler on SNL below.

Filled with family, friends and food, the Thanksgiving holiday and its beauty can often be aided by a song. Thanksgiving songs can come in the form of sentimental blessings set to music or upbeat songs for children. Thanksgiving songs for kids are often used as a classroom activity for preschool and elementary school-aged children.

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